I specialize in:

Data Analysis

With a primary focus specifically regarding spatial data analysis, I have a passion for assessing, evaluating, and modeling spatial data features and their relationships to reveal patterns, trends, and useful information to inform decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter at hand.

Interdisciplinary Cartography

From watershed delineation to geothermal power plant mapping and digitization, I have experience leveraging my GIS expertise and cartographic skills to produce quality graphics for a variety of utilities.

Remote Sensing Applications

I have both graduate level educational and professional experience working with remotely sensed data ranging from spaceborne LiDAR to multispectral orthographic imagery, to either subsequently use in my own spatial analysis or to prepare as a GIS ready product for a wide range of customers and clientele.

Highlighted Work:

ArcGIS Pro


Mapbox & Open Source Cartography Platforms